What is Thai massage?

Thai traditional massage also known as Thai yoga massage,Thai yoga therapy, nuat Thai and nuad phaen boran is a unique style of body work that is quickly becoming the most popular in the west due to the powerful medicinal effects. In contrast to other forms of bodywork,Thai massage is performed without the use of oils and the patient is fully clothed while lying on a comfortable mat on the floor.That allows this modality to be available to everyone and treatment to be given almost anywhere. Thai massage is a combination of hatha yoga like stretches, focused meridian work and direct point pressure which gives the patient an invigorating experience. Thai massage has been developed by the Thai people beginning roughly 2500 years ago based on influences from India, China and their own indigenous practices. The result is an amazing technique for improving or maintaining your health that is safe, effective and uniquely Thai!

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 Why should I choose massage?

Massage therapy is more than a pampering activity or simple luxury. It is one of the safest and best things you can do for your body. Massage therapy is beneficial when overburdened with stress or chronic pain but also a great way to maintain optimal health and a feeling of well-being. In addition to the physical benefits of massage it also offers a whole host of emotional and mental benefits as well. Massage is the only approach to health and wellness that brings harmony to all systems in the body without the use of drugs or medication.

It is not a weird or painful treatment but it’s natural and full of benefits for you! It’s common knowledge that massage can help neck,  back pain but there is medical evidence supporting much more. Thru thousands of case studies regular massage therapy has been shown to also improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, improve circulation, better mental alertness and clarity, boost immune system, help fight infection, reduce blood pressure, regulate brain chemistry, enhance athletic performance, relief from headaches, greater flexibility, correct posture and improve freedom of movement, recover from trauma and balance emotions. In light of these undeniable effects, massage therapy is no longer considered an alternative therapy. The medical community as a whole is now embracing, believing in and recommending regular massage therapy. For example a recent report of medical based facilities documented the rapid increase in the use of massage therapy in combination with contemporary treatment plans. You should feel proud of your decision to incorporate massage therapy into your wellness plan because that decision is right in line with what doctors, medical clinics and hospitals are starting to do more and for more than just stress management.

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