Our clinic provides medical massage with experienced liscensed massage therapists. As a branch of Thai Tradtional Medical Services Society we adhere to a strictly professional and focused approach to assisting you with your health and fitness goals.  Our practitioners will follow the Thai traditional medical protocol.


1.    Listen to your goals/concerns and assess your condition

2.    Plan and perform the bodywork treatment
3.    Demonstrate/recommend necessary self-care to do at home
4.    Set treatment length and frequency then reevaluate at next visit

The practitioner will use hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet with relaxed body mechanics and counter weight in order to systematically but intuitively release surface and deep tension in all areas of the body. Not only encouraging improved circulation of blood and oxygen but also stimulating internal organs and bringing the client to greater sense of mind-body awareness. The stretching movements affect the entire body increasing flexibility, range of motion, release of soft tissue tension and assist the body’s natural energy to flow smoothly. Although massage is the backbone of Thai traditional bodywork various supporting techniques like scraping, tapping, held traction and application of herbal balms and liniments are common. The practitioner will employ a variety of these techniques specific for your needs and always focused on helping you achieve better health. In our unique clinical approach following the Thai medical protocol you will never receive the same massage twice. The treatment will be tailored for your needs each visit.

How to prepare for your visit to our clinic:

  • Try not to eat immediately before you arrive for massage also avoiding caffeine if possible
  • Try to arrive 5 min early so that you do not feel rushed and agitated


During your treatment :

  • After you change into our client outfit we will discuss your goals/concerns begin to develop treatment plan
  • As much as possible try to let go and be passive.Fully relax and place attention on your breathing
  • Feel free to talk and communicate insight that could be helpful in adjusting your treatment
  • Be mindful of idle chatter and relax in silence, awareness of body sensations and breath

After your treatment :

  • We will talk about the massage and self-care. Plan your next appointment and take care of payment 
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