We offer private instruction and workshops in Thai massage, Thai foot reflexology and Thai yoga (Ruesi Dat Ton). As a branch of Thai Traditional Medical Services Society we have a responsibility to provide training according to TTMSS method of teaching.   

1. We teach in small groups so that each student can receive individual attention and support 

2. The lessons will be taught in multiple formats to involve all learning styles plus plenty of time for questions and hands on practice

3. Theory talks will include an appreciation of Thai history, language and culture 

4. Each new technique will be performed on the student so that you can learn by feeling from the teacher then you can practice  correctly with the other students

5. At the end of each learning section a full recap demonstration will be conducted

6. We are dedicated to supporting your personal goals by offering continued mentorship and student clinic 

Thai Yoga (Ruesi Dat Ton) Weekly Practice  Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday 

Thai Yoga is part of a unique physical culture from Thailand combining self-massage, joint mobilization, breathing techniques, movement exercises, and held postures. Our weekly practice is lead with minimal verbal instruction allowing the participant to relax and enjoy the benefits of the practice. This weekly small group practice opportunity is for personal wellness and health promotion. For in depth study of Thai yoga (Ruesi Dat Ton) please join us for a workshop or private instruction.


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